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Endorsed By the AANP myNDonline
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Online, natural doctor consultation gives you real-time, enhanced control over your health, allowing you and your doctor to be closer and more informed.
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Studies show online medical communication benefits everyone - patients get better and quicker care, and doctors have all the information they need in one place.
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Alternative medicine promotes optimal levels of health, combining ancient traditions with modern science while considering the interaction between your mind and body
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myNDonline: Your secure Connection to Alternative Medicine

Online communication is a confident, comfortable, and secure way to communicate with your licensed alternative medicine providers. myNDonline allows patients to receive online doctor advice and discuss health issues any time, anywhere, with message posting, instant messaging, voice or video. Using myNDonline, waiting rooms, missed work and lost family time become a thing of the past.
Online, natural doctor consultation allows you and your naturopathic doctor both to feel closer and more informed. It also provides secure and easy ways to track of your medical history and share research and relevant natural medicine literature.
If you are a seeking a natural doctor consultation or if you are a naturopathic doctor or other licensed alternative medicine professional, please contact us to learn how you can benefit from myNDonline.

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why online medical advice

SUMMARY: We no longer passively accept what our doctors tell us. Nowadays when we want medical advice or information we immediately go online, taking an active role in our health care.
Often, though, the information we find is unreliable, contradictory or terrifying. By communicating directly with our own alternative medicine doctor online, we get guidance and treatment from someone we trust - reducing our worry and our time spent sorting through medical information while increasing our own participation in our treatment.
Studies show that when it comes to online medical communication and advice between healthcare provider and patient, everyone benefits - patients get better and quicker care, and doctors have all the information they need in one place to make informed decisions.

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Provides the Power to Cure

Alternative medicine incorporates ancient traditions and experience, as well as modern science. When we choose online consultation with our licensed alternative medicine provider, such as a naturopathic physician, we know that our doctor will consider both our minds and bodies and how they interact when considering an appropriate treatment. Naturopathic medicine treats us as people, not as containers for specific organs. Complementary medicine treatment from a natural doctor - either in person or via online medical advice examines everything from our nutritional intake and exercise practices to our chronic conditions and predisposition to specific diseases. Integrative medicine focuses on patients as a whole, ensuring that our systems work together to create the sum of their parts. With online medical advice from a naturopath, you will get this total-body perspective - and be healthier for it.

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